Zynnyme + Reimbursify

Hello! We are excited to partner with our friends at ZynnyMe and are excited to offer our new Verification of Benefits lookup app for free for a limited time!

Determining how much a prospective or existing client can expect to get reimbursed from their insurance for your cash-pay services is a great way to get that first appointment scheduled. This new VOB feature for practitioners will provide an estimate directly from their insurance company for reimbursements as well as what their deductible is and how much has already been met.

Simply fill out our secure form with their name, DOB, insurance company and their member ID. You’ll receive an email with their coverage and deductible information, usually within a couple of hours.

We are providing the VOB lookup for Zynnyme clients, bootcampers, friends and partners with unlimited access while we work out the kinks and smooth out some of the rough edges.

Expect to see a new Practitioner Portal in the New Year that will provide VOBs in real-time and some other powerful features to help your cash-pay practice thrive.

Reimbursify practice solutions make your out-of-network practice as accessible as in-network providers: Click here to learn more about our offerings for practitioners.

Questions? Dash an email to us at hello@reimbursify.com