You get to focus on delivering care.

Your patients get to focus on feeling better. Reimbursify does the rest.

We make your out-of-network practice as accessible to patients as in-network, with no extra work for anyone.

Reduce your administrative workload

Skip the superbill and instantly file out-of-network claims with less effort and time.

Help your clients better utilize their benefits

Instant verification of benefits and automatic filing and tracking gives your clients confidence in their coverage.

Streamline billing, payments and reimbursement.

Seamless back-office integration makes the out-of-network experience pain-free for you and your clients.

Fast and Easy reimbursement, grateful patients

(You’ll wish you had started using this sooner)

Never lose a prospective client again

Put the Reimbursify verification of benefits (VOB) calculator on your practice’s website and give clients peace of mind that they are covered for your services before they book an appointment.
Practitioners with our VOB calculator on their website see a 50% increase in first appointments booked.

Instantly provide clients accurate benefits insights

Not knowing who is eligible for reimbursement and who isn’t can result in less than expected paymentsleaving clients disgruntled and out of pocket.
It’s not your fault, but it’s reflecting badly on your practice.
Reimbursify’s real-time out-of-network benefits summary enables you to have educated conversations with your patients before treatment begins.

Effortlessly support your clients with reimbursement

Most clients find it difficult to navigate the out-of-network claim process. You want to help, but don’t have time to hand-hold. Reimbursify provides a courtesy claim filing feature via our Practitioner Portal, so that your practice gets all the benefits of patient insurance coverage with minimal extra work.

Waste less time dealing with insurers

Eliminate the hours you (or your admin staff) spend with insurers trying to determine your clients’ reimbursement amount or claim status. The Reimbursify client app puts all that information at your clients’ fingertips empowering them to manage the process themselves and freeing up your time.
Practitioners with Reimbursify save an average of 10hrs a month.

Don’t let rejected claims bog you down

A rejected claim usually ends up with a client reaching out to you to solve it. Reimbursify’s customer care team works directly with your patients to troubleshoot outstanding claims, so you can focus on delivering care.

Grow revenue and see your practice thrive.

Patients can drop out of treatment because they are not getting reimbursed. Reimbursify reduces claim rejections and gets clients reimbursed faster, which leads to fewer missed appointments and longer treatment relationships. Add our easy, low-cost billing solution, and you keep more of that revenue in your practice. Practitioners using Reimbursify often see their practice revenue grow by 15% or more.

Introducing the Reimbursify Practice Portal

Our cloud-based interface for managing your out-of-network patients and their insurance claims

Real-time verification of benefits (VOB)

Always know how much reimbursement a client can expect to receive for your services, including what their out-of-network deductible is and how much is remaining in their plan.

File claims on behalf of your clients.

No need to create superbills, you can file out-of-network reimbursement claims for a month of visits for a patient in as little as 10 seconds.

Verification of benefits (VOB) website calculator

Embed the power and simplicity of Reimbursify directly into your practice website, so that your clients can verify their benefits and file their own claims.

EHR and Practice Management Integration

Reimbursify integration can eliminate dual data entry and speed up the process for everyone.

Easy claim filing for clients.

Claims can be self-filed by your patients with either the Reimbursify mobile app or right from your practice website with our FileFAST button.

Manage reimbursements all in one-place

See who is filing for your services and how much reimbursement they are receiving. Manage your solo or group practice profile, including locations, practice information, NPIs and practitioners to optimize reimbursements for your caseload.

Secure, low-cost credit card payment processing

Store clients’ credit card information so payment takes only a couple clicks. Receipts are sent automatically and reimbursement claims are filed immediately after you are paid. You can charge clients after each visit or monthly and funds are deposited into your bank account within 2 business days.

Take complete control of your out-of-network reimbursement claims

Get out-of-network reimbursement running like clockwork with Reimbursify

Better reimbursement for patients means patients stay in treatment, improving clinical outcomes and increasing revenue for my practice.

Dr David Sitt, ADHD Specialist

Obtaining a verification of benefits helps me inform clients of their actual out-of-pocket costs, making that first appointment booking easier.

Brenda Lewis, LCSW

Practice PRO has been a huge plus for my practice as I can tell potential OON clients that they can file with the app easily, quickly and for free. The client feedback on Reimbursify has been great.

Dr. Sarah Gray, Harvard Medical School

My patients have loved using Reimbursify — and it’s saved us a ton of time and money.

Y.J.Cho, DPT

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer multiple plan options for practitioners, starting with a FREE one. The cost of our paid plans depends on which one you choose.

Click here to view our practitioner plans and pricing page.

Yes. Our pricing plans offer a 10% discount for additional practitioners in your group.

When adding practitioners to your psychotherapy or physical therapy group, Practice PLUS, and Practice PRO subscribers have the option of adding them as full-time or part-time practitioners, with different subscription fees for each.

Part-time practitioners are those who average 10 client/patient visits or less per week. The Reimbursify subscription fee for these practitioners is discounted by 40%, whether you pay monthly or annually.

Yes, Reimbursify integrates with some EMR/EHR software platforms to automate the reimbursement claim filing process. Currently, we are integrated with the software systems listed here.

With these integrations, details about the practice/practitioner, patient, and visit are sent directly into Reimbursify to initiate the claim-filing process so that neither the practice/practitioner nor the patient need to use the Reimbursify mobile app or Practice Portal to do so.

In the Practice Portal, navigate to Verify Benefits, where you can check the Eligibility & Benefits for existing or prospective clients/patients to know what their true out-of-pocket costs will be.

Running a Verification of Benefits will determine: If a client/patient has out-of-network coverage for the services you provide, how much their deductible is for out-of-network services, the remaining amount of their out-of-network deductible (year to date), the percentage that the insurance company reimburses, after the deductible has been met.

With VeriFAST, your prospective clients/patients can submit their insurance information to you via a secure form that is integrated into your website (seen below), so that you can verify their out-of-network benefits in the Reimbursify Practice Portal and share their Eligibility & Benefits details with them, with only a few clicks. 

Click here for more details on VeriFAST.

Registering your practice makes it easier for your patients to use Reimbursify to file their out-of-network (OON) health insurance reimbursement claims. 

Entering your practice’s NPI number, Tax ID, and visit address into our system will ensure that your patients’ claims are always delivered to their insurance company with all of the required information correctly completed, resulting in the quickest possible adjudication.

After you register your practice, we will send you information cards with an attractive holding rack for your office at your request.

Practitioners can file claims for your clients/patients in the Reimbursify Practice Portal.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for filing claims via the Practice Portal.

Your patients have two options for filing their own claims. They can use our mobile app on any smartphone, or they can use FileFAST, our browser-based interface that you can integrate into your website.

Yes, you can see how much your clients/patients are reimbursed for visits to your practice in the Reimbursify Practice Portal if you subscribe to our Plus or Pro Practice Solutions plan.

To see the reimbursement amounts, log into the Practice Portal and navigate to the Claims section, where you will see all of the reimbursement claims filed by your clients/patients through Reimbursify.

Click here for more details.

We offer several suggestions for integrating Reimbursify into your practice, including your website, your printed materials, and your talking points.

Click here for details.

By installing the Reimbursify Widget on your website, your clients/patients can file their own claims and/or verify their OON benefits without leaving your site.

Click here for more details.

Yes! As of April 2020, we offer a feature that allows you or your patients to specify where the visit occurred (also known as the “Place of Service”).

Got any other questions?