Built on our decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Reimbursify’s proprietary claim-filing app lets your patients easily self-file for fast out-of-network health insurance reimbursement.

Our process creates an optimized reimbursement claim and works for any out-of-network office visit, with any doctor, provider, therapist or specialist, and with any private insurance company.

Providing the Reimbursify app to your caseload is a simple, effortless way to provide value and eliminate conversations and time spent around dealing with insurance reimbursement issues.

Practices that offer Reimbursify see meaningful increases in:

  • New Patient/Client Acquisition
  • More Regularly Scheduled Sessions & Appointments
  • More Patient/Client Satisfaction with the Practice

New Patient/Client Acquisition


Increase with

Weekly Appointments Made by Patients


Increase with

Join the thousands of practitioners who are using Reimbursify to help their practice grow and thrive!

“Provider Pro has been a huge plus for my practice as I can tell potential OON clients that they can file with the app easily, quickly and for free. The client feedback on Reimbursify has been great.”

— Dr. Sarah Gray, Harvard Medical School Reimbursify Provider Pro

"Better reimbursement for patients means more revenue for my practice."

— Dr David Sitt, ADHD Specialist

“It's brilliant! Dealing with my insurance company left me feeling anguished until I found your app. It is truly the greatest thing in the world.”

— iOS App Store Review

“Totally simplifies the process.”

— iOS App Store Review

“Using Reimbursify has gotten me back hundreds of dollars from my insurance company!”

— Marc D., User