Health insurance reimbursement is hard.

Makes it Easy

We simplify out-of-network care
for practitioners, patients & partners.

Software Tools for Practitioners

Provide effortless support for OON reimbursement

Increase your caseload and practice revenue

Practice Portal provides insurance intelligence, showing instant coverage with estimates for new & existing patients/clients

We adapt to your practice, no changes in how you operate

Enhance overall satisfaction and drive more referrals

Custom pricing available to fit your practice size & stage

Easy Reimbursement for Patients/Clients

Works for any healthcare or mental health visit with virtually any Private Health Insurance Company

Easy, intuitive app can file claims in as little as 10 seconds

File for all family members on the same insurance policy

Reimbursement is sent directly to you from your insurance company...we never take a percentage

Guaranteed Delivery - claims won’t get “lost in the mail”


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