About us

Reimbursify is the first and only mobile-enabled, software platform delivering a truly innovative solution…empowering patients, serving practitioners, and enabling digital partners to easily file out-of-network reimbursement claims for medical and mental health services.

Our flagship app enables patients to easily self-file for out-of-network medical and mental health insurance reimbursement in as little as 10 seconds. Our practitioner plans eliminate insurance issues for OON providers to increase their caseload and overall revenue. Reimbursify’s API offering integrates with solutions from digital healthcare partners, increasing their value proposition and enhancing access to care while optimizing health insurance benefits for telehealth and online services.

Secure, fast, and easy to use, our solutions are fully HIPAA compliant and designed by experts in software development, usability, and health insurance reimbursement to optimize claim filing and reimbursement results. At the core of our functionally is our innovative Reimbursify Claim Engine, which consumes and optimizes claim data from our feature-rich apps, our intelligent FileFAST webapp widgets and through our secure R-API integration capability.

Reimbursify’s processing and Customer Care teams have decades of experience, filing hundreds of thousands of claims across a spectrum of healthcare services and specialties with hundreds of health insurance companies.

Reimbursify increases time spent providing clinical treatment and improves access to care by lowering total out-of-pocket costs for patients. We are proud to be the trusted reimbursement partner of thousands of healthcare providers and mental health practitioners nationwide.

Filing reimbursement claims and dealing with health insurance companies is time-consuming, frustrating, and just plain hard. Reimbursify makes it easy.