Practice Pricing

Just one new client will pay for an entire year of Practice Pro

Choose the plan that’s right for you.






Save $72 per year

Monthly per practitioner

Features for your practice

Reimbursify Practice Portal

Reimbursement details for claims filed

Summary only

Practice Administrator’s access

Basic Out-of-Network Coverage Verification

Comprehensive Out-of-Network Coverage Verification



File courtesy claims on behalf of your clients

API or EHR integration** to automate claim filing

Priority Customer Support

Features for your patients

Free claims filing via the Reimbursify App

Then pay



Priority Customer Support

* Based on annual contract and payment. If monthly the cost is $59/month for Plus or $99/month for Pro. Discounts available for part-time practitioners
** EHR integration fees may apply See current EHR partners
One claim = one date of service with one practitioner
Unlimited claims apply to specialists (like therapists) who see up to 30 appointments/week. Additional fees may apply to higher volume practices.

How we compare

Our flat rate is predictable and allows you to grow your practice without incurring extra charges.



You Pay

You Pay



per month

You Pay


4% per claim with ~30 claims/month


per month

4% per claim with ~30 claims/month

Your Clients Pay

Your Clients Pay


Your Clients Pay


Unlimited free claims are a great perk you can offer your clients to make therapy more accessible and affordable for them.

Take complete control of your out-of-network reimbursement claims

Get out-of-network reimbursement running like clockwork with Reimbursify

Better reimbursement for patients means patients stay in treatment, improving clinical outcomes and increasing revenue for my practice.

Dr David Sitt, ADHD Specialist

Obtaining a verification of benefits helps me inform clients of their actual out-of-pocket costs, making that first appointment booking easier.

Brenda Lewis, LCSW

Practice PRO has been a huge plus for my practice as I can tell potential OON clients that they can file with the app easily, quickly and for free. The client feedback on Reimbursify has been great.

Dr. Sarah Gray, Harvard Medical School

My patients have loved using Reimbursify — and it’s saved us a ton of time and money.

Y.J.Cho, DPT

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