Zencare Reimbursify

Zencare has partnered with Reimbursify, the app-based solution that empowers your patients to self-file out-of-network health insurance reimbursement claims right from their smartphone in less than a minute. And Zencare therapists receive an exceptional discount on their Practice Solutions!

Thousands of practitioners across the country are providing Reimbursify to their clients and are feeling unburdened from dealing with insurance issues. Clients are delighted when they can easily claim their money back from their insurance company and that results in them booking more regular appointments and staying in treatment longer, since their total out-of-pocket costs are reduced. 

Providing Reimbursify is easy. Simply email or hand a Reimbursify information card with your superbill/receipt and say “you can download the Reimbursify app and it makes filing for reimbursement easy.” They pay you directly, self-file for themselves and we take care of any insurance issues from there. Reimbursify improves the experience of your practice for your clients, while eliminating annoying and distracting insurance issues for you. Reimbursify makes your out-of-network practice as accessible as in-network! 

Reimbursify has a plan for every practitioner:

  • Practice Pro is a true concierge experience for your clients providing unlimited, cost-free claim filing for your caseload. You’ll also get the FileFAST widget that allows clients to file claims right from your website.
  • Practice Plus is a low-cost plan that provides each of your clients their first FIVE claim filings at no cost (a $15 value for each client).
  • Practice Basic is a free plan. It ensures all your information is correct to optimize reimbursement for your clients. When you sign up for a Basic account your patients will get their first claim for free and will pay for subsequent claims in the app.

All plans provide access to the Reimbursify Practice Portal showing you information about clients claim filings against your practice. It also provides you with the ability to instantly check their out-of-network benefits for your services. (Unlimited benefit coverage checks with Practice Pro and five free with Practice Plus and Practice Basic plans.)

Welcome to a new level of freedom for out-of-network practitioners…welcome to the Reimbursify Revolution!”