NEW YORK and KNOXVILLE, Tenn., July 18, 2023 – Reimbursify, a leader in patient reimbursement solutions, and Owl Practice, a pioneer in practice management software tailored for mental health practitioners, today announced a strategic alliance designed to minimize administrative burdens, enhance patient experience, and maximize revenue for practices. 

By bundling cutting-edge technologies, the two organizations aim to simplify the insurance reimbursement process and streamline practice management for mental health practitioners. The collaboration brings together the companies’ expertise to create a comprehensive solution, positioning providers to better meet the increasing demands of their practice while significantly improving the affordability of treatment for patients. 

“This partnership represents an exciting step forward for healthcare providers and their patients,” said William Brown, CEO of Reimbursify. “Our primary goal has always been to reduce the financial burden of healthcare for patients, and working with Owl brings us one step closer to that vision. We’re confident that together, we can help practices spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on delivering exceptional patient care.” 

In the current healthcare environment, practitioners are often challenged with managing multiple systems and tasks. The connection between Reimbursify and Owl enhances operational efficiency through an affordable, packaged solution for reimbursement and EHR functionalities. 

 Eric Lalonde, CEO of Owl Practice, added: “We understand the complexities that mental health professionals face when dealing with the administrative side of business. By joining forces with Reimbursify, we are not only simplifying these tasks but also enhancing overall profitability and helping therapists grow by removing the barriers that private-pay patients face with out-of-network treatment.” 

 The partnership reinforces both companies’ commitment to providing holistic solutions that bring value to practitioners and patients. With reduced administrative time and cost of treatment, healthcare providers can focus on expanding their caseload, improving patient satisfaction, and increasing their overall revenue. 

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About Reimbursify 

Reimbursify is a revolutionary provider of reimbursement solutions, creating a simplified and efficient approach to healthcare claims. Its advanced claim filing system and user-friendly app help patients use out-of-network benefits to get reimbursed for therapy. For practitioners, Reimbursify offers verification of patient insurance benefits before booking appointments. It’s an effective tool that complements practice management and amplifies growth, contributing to the evolution of patient-centered, financially secure healthcare. For more information, visit

About Owl Practice 

Behind Owl is a team of psychologists, therapists, engineers, designers, technologists and business managers who believe there is a better way to be in private practice. Everything they’ve learned about how to run a successful business is built into the core of Owl so clinicians everywhere can leverage Owl’s world-class platform. Owl is a leading practice management solution designed specifically to reduce administrative tasks so that psychologists, social workers, and therapists can focus on transforming lives. To learn more about Owl’s unique focus on mental health professionals, visit


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