Do you have an app and/or website designed to improve one’s health and wellbeing? Do you charge a fee for this product and/or service? In many cases, the fees that you charge are eligible for reimbursement by your user’s insurance company.

The Reimbursify Claim Engine API makes it easy for your users to submit insurance claims to their insurance company from within your own app or website. It works for one-time fees as well as recurring subscriptions.

Now you too can leverage the same platform that Reimbursify uses every day, to file thousands of claims originating from any state in the US to virtually any insurance company. Your users will love you for making it so easy for them to get their money back. It’s like an automatic rebate!

The Reimbursify Claim Engine API is built on REST principles, with resource-oriented URLs and HTTP responses that are returned in JSON format.  Secured delegated access for your app is provided via OAuth 2.0,  so you will not have any worries about transferring protected health information. Our API is not publicly available yet, but it is being used by a few select partners. References are available upon request.

Inquire below if you would like to integrate the Reimbursify Claim Engine API into your application: