Inside Sales Account Manager

Role Description:

The Inside Sales/Account Manager at Reimbursify is a full-time position with a base salary and commissions tied to sales performance, reporting to the CMO. The location is flexible (can be anywhere). You will be responsible for engaging new prospects and existing customers, who are primarily mental healthcare practitioners, and closing subscription sales of Reimbursify’s SAAS products. Presenting via Zoom you will work to understand the customer’s practice, articulate Reimbursify’s value propositions and provide demos of our practitioner offerings. Depending on your location, there may be times where an onsite visit could occur for larger opportunities.

You will have access to expert resources within the team to support your efforts to drive business to close and manage smooth transitions to ensure practitioners are onboarded successfully. You will establish and maintain good relationships with our practitioners and seek to elicit practitioner referrals from satisfied customers. 

You are also responsible for understanding the company’s competitiveness in the market, where our offerings fit into the out-of-network healthcare space and the value that is delivered to our practitioner customers. The nature of this position requires maintaining an in-depth knowledge of the company’s products, prevalent technologies, and the trends in the industry. This position requires an individual who is self -motivated and enthusiastic with the ability to scale beyond given targets. We’re looking for team members with a record of achievement who have the tendency of going the extra mile. Other activities for this position include uncovering additional sales opportunities whether via phone, social media, email, or a host of other available communication channels, and developing them into closed business.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Engage in sales calls with prospective practitioner customers. You will be assigned in-bound warm leads. You will confirm/set appointments, make effective qualifying sales calls, and manage sales cycles to close new business.
  • Engage with existing practitioner customers to close renewal revenue. You will engage with assigned existing practitioner customers to elicit referrals, ensure renewals and to sell upgrades.
  • Generate new leads. Leveraging your network and the network of the Reimbursify team, you will find and prosecute new practitioner opportunities.
  • Ensure that newly acquired customers quickly understand the value that our software provides their business. You will establish relationships with your customers and set touch-points to ensure satisfaction in the 30 day period post-sale.
  • Plan/organize daily work schedule.
  • Maintain all sales activities within SFA/CRM. This includes emails, calls and Zoom meetings with all prospective and existing customers that you interact with. You will maintain a sales forecast that is aligned with Reimbursify’s defined sales cycle management.
  • Attend regular, internal sales meetings. Reporting on your sales activity and sharing sales experiences to further improve and standardize our go-to-market practitioner engagement strategies.

Key qualifications and requirements:

  • Previous related work experience. The Customer Care Manager position is not an entry-level role, so previous experience interacting with customers and leading a team of employees is essential. Our software products and services are fairly complex and involve interacting with multiple technology platforms, both internal and external, that are also complex and evolving. Strong technical acumen is an important qualification for this position. Knowledge of how healthcare offices and/or the healthcare insurance industry operates is also a strong plus.
  • Strong communication skills. Successful leaders can communicate with team members across a variety of media. Leaders must be able to share and receive information, requiring strong verbal and written communication skills. Communications can be both formal and informal, and the Customer Care Manager must be able to adjust communications for their target audience.
  • Strong leadership skills. The customer service manager must be able to work with people with different needs. They must also create an environment and reward system that will motivate employees to perform at their peak.
  • Proficiency using software. We use a lot of software in our organization to provide structure, organization and communication with staff. The Customer Care Manager must have a minimal competency level and be comfortable using tools such as Google Workspace (or similar office productivity software), Zoom (or similar teleconferencing software), Freshdesk (or similar helpdesk software), Slack (or similar real-time communication software). Our products and services are accessed via web browsers on computers, as well as mobile apps installed on Android and iOS smartphones. Proficiency with these operating systems is essential.

Summary of requirements and skills:

  • 3-5 years in software sales with a focus on SAAS-based products. 
  • Proven success of meeting and exceeding sales quotas. 
  • Proficiency with sales management software and CRM.
  • Awareness of industry’s latest technology trends and applications.
  • Ability to think strategically and to lead.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Strong orientation towards customer advocacy and an ability to balance persuasion with professionalism.
  • Strong client-facing communication, presentation, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or other appropriate field.

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