BCBS Registration

Even if you don’t have a contract with a Blue Cross or Blue Shield network, many BCBS entities are now requiring out-of-network practitioners to register with them, as a requirement for processing reimbursement claims submitted for their members.

Review the list of BCBS entities below and, if the state where you practice is listed, click the link for step-by-step instructions for registering as an out-of-network practice with the BCBS entity in that state. If you have a physical practice location in multiple states, you should register with each entity where your practice is located (this does not apply to out-of-state services rendered via telehealth).

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The Reimbursify Practice Portal provides practitioners with a valuable set of tools, designed to help you simplify the insurance reimbursement process for your patients/clients.   Here are some support articles to get you started in the Practice Portal:

  • Reimbursify dramatically simplifies the entire claim submission process and should only take you a few minutes. To submit a claim as an individual, you will need a physical or digital copy of the receipt/superbill from your practitioner, which should contain all the information needed to complete the steps. Click here to learn more about receipts/superbills. For the step-by-step process with images, click here
  • Practitioners can file claims for your clients/patients in the Reimbursify Practice Portal. Practitioners submitting fully completed claims through FileFAST should first reference the Reimbursify Practitioner Terms of Service

Note: once you have already filed a claim for a client/patient, cloning a claim could save you a lot of time if you want to file additional claims for them. Click here to learn about cloning claims. For the step-by-step process with images, click here

Once you’ve filed a claim using Reimbursify, it typically takes four to 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months) for your insurance company to process. After that, you will see the claims show up in your insurance company’s online portal.  

You will also receive a letter in the mail called an Explanation of Benefits (EOB for short). The EOB will outline how your benefits were applied and have a check attached for any approved reimbursement. 

Once you’ve received the EOB letter, you can then open the Reimbursify app, go to the claim in the dashboard and tap APPLY EOB. You can enter how much went towards your deductible and/or how much you got reimbursed.  

Using Reimbursify helps you fulfill your out-of-network deductible there faster than anything and optimize the benefits of your health insurance! 

There are essentially two kinds of health insurance plans, HMOs, and PPOs.  

HMO plans only cover visits with healthcare or mental health providers that participate in your specific insurance plan. Those providers are referred to as in- network and there are no direct reimbursements available for those visits.  

PPO plans are different and allow you to see any healthcare or mental health practitioner, even ones who are outside of the plan’s network and provide some level of reimbursement for those services. Those providers are referred to as out-of-network. To get reimbursed for any out-of-network service, you will need to submit a special claim form that is specific to your insurance plan. It can be confusing and difficult to file those claims taking as much as 30 minutes or more for a single claim. Reimbursify simplifies and streamlines the out-of-network claim filing process, filing claims in as little as 10 seconds! 

To submit a claim, you will need a physical or digital copy of the receipt/superbill from your practitioner, which should contain all the information you need to complete the process. Click here to learn more about receipts/superbills. For the step-by-step process with images, click here.

Most health insurance companies allow a reimbursement claim to be filed up to one year after the date of your service. The app notifies you when selecting a date of service exceeding that 12-month period.  

We are, however, starting to see some insurance plans limiting the filing window to six months. This is a function of your specific plan and Reimbursify has no control over this filing window or what your insurance company ultimately accepts or pays out to you. 

We recommend reaching out to your plan administrator or directly to the insurance company for exact details. 

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