A New Way to Optimize Your Employees’ Health Insurance

The New, Employee-driven App that Files Out-of-Network Reimbursement Claims from any Smartphone in Less Than a Minute (Perkscon Attendees Click Here)

Providing Reimbursify Delivers a New Level of Benefits

For the Team Member

  • * Easy to use app empowers employees
  • * Reimbursify Customer Care team
  • * Improve reimbursement success by 80%
  • * Can significantly reduce total out-of-pocket costs for healthcare

For the Company

  • * Low cost & works with any private ins co
  • * Free up HR from requests & complaints
  • * Automatic access control for new or leaving team members
  • * Secure, fully-HIPAA compliant

Deployment is fast, requires almost no effort from your HR team & employees can start filing reimbursement claims the same day.


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